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“Agents 4 Rescues” was created with one simple mission –

…to assist with providing animal rescue organizations with vital financial donations generated from qualified real estate transactions. We bring real estate clients (prospective buyers and sellers like yourself) together with qualified and professional neighborhood real estate agents that are part of our extensive network. All agents are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and are dedicated to providing support to local animal-related charities.

We carefully pre-screen each agent before matching you together in order to create the best possible fit with your unique situation, and to ensure the highest level of satisfaction during the process. For more information about how the program works, click on the “5 Step Process” below.

The 5 step process

Click here to read more about how this simple process works.

Email: contact@agents4rescues.org

Calculate my Donation

Typical donation amounts are between 15% and 20% of the commission earned by the real estate agent.  Actual amount of donation may vary, and is based on the final selling price of the property, commission percentage and donation percentage.

An example would be the sale of a home at $500,000.  Potential target donation amount would be around $2,000!